• Concrete Polishing & Coating

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    Concrete Polishing & Coating Services

    Brighter, More Durable, Reflective, Beautiful…Polished Concrete.

    Polished concrete, introduced in the 90′s, can revitalize cold, gray concrete to deliver a vibrant, reflective, durable surface. As a result of polishing, porous concrete is transformed into a dense surface resistant to water, oil and other contaminants.


    Polishing can enhance reflectivity by 30%, resulting in a brighter space.  Free of coatings, sealers and waxes, a polished concrete surfaces is virtually maintenance-free.


    Polishing concrete strengthens it dramatically.  Impact and abrasion resistance increases by as much as 400%.  Dusting problems are eliminated and in its place a surface with a beautiful decorative finish which is virtually maintenance free.  Have you noticed how many big-box stores have eliminated unfinished concrete “sidewalk” appearance concrete in favor of a polished appearance?  It wasn’t for appearance but rather to reduce dusting.  Make your building easier to keep clean, while adding a lasting value adding polished surface.


    Polished Concrete

    We are EnduraCrete® certified applicators and we can mechanically polish and harden concrete to a dust proof high gloss finish without the use of topical coatings. Other companies simply diamond grind, apply a special chemical hardening agent, and polish. We have a variety of services for restoration and maintenance for all concrete surfaces, including applications such as concrete acid staining, sealing, crack chasing, joint repair, decorative overlayments and concrete power washing (water recovery) & cleaning.


    EnduraCrete® reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the the need for epoxies, urethanes, waxes and coatings of any kind. Your floor will be slip resistant, easy to maintain and environmentally safe.