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    MARBLIFE® Concrete Services


    MARBLELIFE ENDURACRETE Concrete Beautification & Restoration Services provide Beauty, Enhanced Value, Simplified Maintenance and even Superior Safety with Anti-Slip Treatments.


    POLISHED – Polished concrete provides 30% brighter spaces, beautiful reflections and best of all a sharp reduction in dusting resulting in reduced cleaning and maintenance.  Have you noticed how all the big box stores have moved to polished surfaces, this is why.  Beautify your building surfaces with a polished concrete finish.


    ANTI-SLIP COATINGS – Slip and falls remain a major concern for building managers.  MARBLELIFE can assist with a variety of enhanced slip resistant coatings and treatments available in a variety of colors, and chemistries.  Have an area that you simply cannot shut-down for an extended period of time, talk to us about our snap-cure treatments enabling traffic to return to the floor within 10 minutes of application.


    DESIGNER COLOR COATINGS – Add a little pizzazz, accent or color to your concrete basement, retail, restaurant or patio.  No need to remove or tile, when you can quickly stain and polish that concrete surface.


    OVERLAYMENT CONCRETE – Originally developed as a means of restoring a damaged concrete surface, today overlayments are employed to add character and differentiation to your otherwise flat uniform concrete surface.