• Solvent, Acid & Water Based Stained Concrete

    MARBLELIFE® of St Louis Concrete Solvent, Acid & Water Based Stained Concrete

    MARBLELIFE® of St Louis EnduraCrete’s concrete stain process transforms ordinary concrete into a dramatic statement of beauty.  Flexible enough to emulates just about any look you can dream up. Picture the beauty of italian Marble or a custom designed natural stone floor at a fraction of the cost.  Convert your gray floor into vibrant colors and designs.

    EnduraCrete can create the appearance of a high end expensive floor in virtually any commercial or residential setting. Our stains are formulated to bond to minerals in the concrete, giving it the appearance and feeling of a natural stone surface. Concrete’s natural variations in porosity results in varying degrees of intensity enabling your Enduracrete Technician to deliver a rich, multi-hued, magnificent outcome. Virtually any design, from modern to eclectic, southwestern or neo-classic can be reproduced.  Whether you have a design in mind, want a consistent single color outcome, or need assistance developing a creative, custom design… Enduracrete delivers… the look that fits.


    Acid staining is the perfect solution for both old and new concrete on interior and exterior surfaces. The rugged beauty of a concrete floor can be brought to life with a variety of colors and designs. Transform dull, drab concrete into a beautiful gleaming showroom floor!


    Often used for commercial purposes, concrete staining leaves a colorful, clean, attractive look to driveways, floors, countertops, patios, walkways, and various entrances. It is perfect for high-traffic areas and is very affordable.